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To improve your cryptocurrency business, seek help from the professionals at BlockDot Blockchain PR agency. They will assist you in reaching more people, building a good reputation, and creating effective marketing strategies.


How our paid search marketing service can help grow your revenue

We offer PR and marketing services.

Crypto public relations in Web3 aims to create a good image of a company for potential customers and investors. This involves managing the information shared between the company and the public. By doing this well, the public will see the company as trustworthy. Sharing news articles and press releases on crypto and financial media can help boost engagement with the company. If a company doesn’t invest in PR, it may lose connection with the crypto community and this can negatively impact the success of the project.

What makes BlockDot unique in web3?

We have a big advantage in promoting PR because we have a lot of connections with different media outlets. In fact, we work with more than 200 media outlets in the areas of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and financial technology. These outlets give special placement options for our clients that they wouldn’t get elsewhere.

How do we achieve high results with our PR strategy?

We help our clients promote their cryptocurrency project with effective PR (public relations) that helps it grow and develop in a sustainable way.

“BlockDot PR service is light years ahead of the competition because of their intelligent, specialized and courteous account managers.”

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FAQs about paid search management

Looking to learn more about PR Services for your business? Browse our FAQs:

We create personalized PR strategies for clients based on their unique business needs, diving deep into their objectives to develop effective plans. Our experienced team of PR experts is committed to delivering results.

Sure, an integrated approach to work will help to achieve high results much faster, regardless of the specific sphere.


Each project is priced on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the scope and complexity of the task, as well as the amount of work required.


Yes, you can get a demo list of the media we cooperate with. To do this, leave an application on our website and our manager will contact you.